From the Founder

Greetings and welcome to the new website of One World Academy. We are currently at the midway point of our inaugural school year and we couldn't be happier with how things have gone so far. The kids absolutely love their new school, the parents are delighted to see their kids learning and growing, and the community is excited to finally have an alternative and improved education option.

When we started this project our goal was to create a learning environment that offered a top notch education at a price that was affordable for the emerging Mozambican middle class. Here at One World Academy we see education as the ultimate game changer in regards to bringing Africa forward into the global context of the 21st century. We are committed to shaping our students into the next generation of Mozambican engineers, lawyers, doctors and business leaders as they are the ones who will define their country’s future. This is why our project is so exciting.

One of the objectives of our website is to serve as a platform to share the work we do to both a national and international audience. We are actively looking for individuals and groups who are interested in joining the One World Academy family and help us grow. If you are at all interested in supporting us or in any way become involved in this exciting and innovative African educational start up please reach out to us. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Shaun Bissett, Founder

About Us

As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Mozambican society currently finds itself exposed to a modern world in which the realities and demands require new ways of thinking, working and living. As technology, industry and business opportunities gain a foothold in Mozambique, the previously accepted quality of basic services (i.e. media, transportation, consumerism, education) has become obsolete. Perhaps no sector has struggled more with the arrival of modern life than the education sector. With a population of 22 million (46% under the age of 14), providing access to quality education has proved to be an impossible task for the government. The result of this is apparent by the poor conditions, untrained teachers, and uninspired learning that is combined with antiquated methodologies. The question that Mozambique should be asking itself is how will its rapidly developing economy remain sustainable if its youth are being educated in such a deplorable manner?

Significant changes to the Mozambican public school system are still decades away while private schools offer the only viable option for parents who desire something better for their children. Only a small minority previously had the means to afford private schools, but a fast-growing economy has created an expanding middle class who recognize the importance of a quality education. Consequently, the need for private schooling is greater and more urgent than ever.

Recognizing this gap in Maxixe, Shaun Bissett an English Professor at the Pedagogical University in Maxixe, Director of a Pre-University secondary school, owner of a bilingual day care center, local entrepreneur and former Peace Corps Volunteer is creating an international school based on the dual language immersion model in his adopted home city. Shaun was inspired by his 3 year old daughter, Solange, to create a low cost, high quality private school where children would learn in both English and Portuguese to develop their creative, intellectual and analytical skills at the earliest stages of their education; instructed by dynamic, outgoing, well trained teachers. The concept for One World Academy was born to address the needs and aspirations of families in the growing city of Maxixe, within the booming economy of Inhambane province in Mozambique.

The Team

Shaun Bissett


Shaun Bissett arrived in Mozambique in 2005 as a US Peace Corps volunteer where he served for 3 years as an English teacher trainer at the national pedagogical university. Having recognized the positive social impact that his work and ideas could potentially offer Mozambique, he decided to remain in-country following his Peace Corps service continuing his work at the university. Besides his teaching duties, Shaun has founded a highly successful Professional and Technical Skills Training Center, now in its sixth year, as well as serving as the headmaster of the internationally recognized, university-affiliated secondary school. One World Academy is Shaun’s latest venture. Shaun has a Masters degree in Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts. He is married to a Mozambican woman, Epifania, and they have a 5 year old daughter, Solange.

Eric Cooper


Eric Cooper is a US Peace Corps volunteer, working in Mozambique since 2013, teaching Chemistry and Technology at the secondary school in Maxixe. Eric currently serves as the Headmaster of One World Academy, dealing with the day-to-day operations of the school. In addition, Eric teaches English to the 1st grade class. Outside of his duties at One World Academy, Eric also works with a group of volunteers with the project "Vamos Falar!", working in the area of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention in the secondary school community of Maxixe. Eric currently holds a Bachelors degree in Chemistry from Northwestern University.

Rita Macane

Assistant Headmaster

Rita Macane is a recent graduate of the Pedagogical University in Maxixe, with a degree in Portuguese Education and a minor in English. Currently working as the Assistant Headmaster of One World Academy, Rita is responsible for overseeing the academic progress of the students and the implementation of the national curriculum.

Dulcinea Gonzalez

Kindergarten Coordinator

Dulce Gonzalez obtained her B.A. at University of California, Riverside and her MPA at California State University, Long Beach in Public Policy & Administration. Before coming to OWA, she worked as a sports coordinator and ESL supplementary teacher. She tutored English at Bogazici University Istanbul, Turkey and East China Normal University Shanghai, China. She has worked with different organizations such as California Partnership and GRID Alternatives. She is an honored member of Phi Kappa Phi and Sigma Alpha Lambda honor societies. She is OWA’s administrator and English teacher.

Irene Sinai

1st Grade Coordinator

Irene Sinai is the Portuguese and Mathematics teacher for the 1st grade class at One World Academy. With more than 30 years experience teaching primary school in Mozambique, Irene brings a discipline and commitment necessary to shape the students at One World Academy into responsible, active learners.

Agostinho Matsombe

English Coordinator

Agostinho Matsombe, currently in his second year of University studying English Pedagogy, is responsible for the implementation and oversight of English curriculum in both Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Agostinho's creativity and dedication to the English language are apparent in his interactive and effective lessons.

Helton Dias

Arts Coordinator

Helton Dias is finishing his degree in English Education at the Pedagogical University in Maxixe and takes his role as Arts Coordinator very seriously. With years of music background, Helton has played guitar and sang in various countries. In the classroom, Helton teaches music theory and songs in English, Portuguese, and the local languages of Maxixe, Xitswa and Bitonga. His enthusiasm and musical aptitude allow for the students to learn everything Helton has to offer.

How You Can Help

Thank you for your interest in helping and support of One World Academy Mozambique - Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

Please get in contact with us directly if you would like to get involved with One World Academy Mozambique.

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